Craftifesto - the Power is in Your Hands

. Craft is powerful. And buying handmade, one-of-a-kind goods from your neighbor kicks the ass of buying mass-produced, slave-made corporate stuff

Craft is personal. To know that something was made by hand, by someone who cares that you like it, makes that object much more enjoyable. And it makes you feel less lonely when you realize that you know the name of the person who made the bar of soap you use, the earrings you wore when you met that special someone, or the scarf that kept you from freezing while you waited for the train

. Craft is political. We’re not just trying to sell stuff. We’re trying to change the world. 

. Craft is possible. Everybody can create something—you don’t have to be an established 
business to make stuff.

Via Diy Trunk Show Copyright 2011. All Rights Reserved. Chicago Craft Mafia 

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