W E L C O M E! 

About me: I’m Maria, I was born and raised in central Italy. As soon as I finished my studies I jumped on an airplane and moved to London - UK, where I currently live. 

My biggest love - which also happen to be some of my biggest pleasures in life - are: my family, my cats, books, vintage and thrift shops, my closest friends, coffee, chocolate, the raising sun (and the setting sun come to that), walking for hours, blogging, the sea, looking at the snow falling, Sherlock Holmes, giving myself a colorful manicure, crocheting, big windows, watching Christmas movies (yes, even in July), writing, taking pictures, visual art, make up, Keri Smith, looking at pictures or videos of kittens (which makes me go awww), traveling (even when I’m oh-so-scared of flying), vanilla candles, my mom’s ricotta cake, singing loud (I mean really loud) with my sister and giggling as little girls, picnics in the park, riding a bicycle in the nature, the smell of jasmine, rock music, magic, glitter… 

About the blog: The Indie Handmade Show was created in 2008. I was working at my Master's final project (about the handmade revolution taking over the web) and the blog was supposed to be just a part of it. I was quite sure I was going to close it as soon as my research would come to and end. So silly of me: I had no idea at the time how rewarding, funny, stimulating and addictive blogging can be.

Once I graduated I kept exploring the “handmade world” and getting to know more and more amazing creative creatures out there.

So far my blog has changed and evolved quite a lot. I guess that’s just how it is supposed to be: as we grow up, explore and learn we change point of views, preferences and styles.

I’m still totally into the handmade culture (so much that last summer I launched my very own jewelry brand), but right now I’m more focused on creativity itself, on inspiration, their processes, their deep meaning. 

Along with that my main interest is keep on documenting my creative journey through words and visual art as well as features, videos, music and whatever comes to my mind. 

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